Lake Stevens

The community app for iOS and Android

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Local Weather

CURRENT WEATHER and 5-day forecast

HISTORICAL WEATHER: High, low, and average temperature for every day of the year. Meticulously gathered from the last 40 years of weather data

Local Businesses

Find a local restaurant, business, park, or anything!

Want to find a good breakfast place? Dog park? Auto body shop? Just one tap!

Find out what everyone else is loving
in Lake Stevens by adding your favorites. Results are sorted by "most favorited" on top.

Upcoming Events
& More

Events from the city calendar, with links to the city website for details

Local news feed

Why have an app?

The purpose of the Lake Stevens app is to promote the local community.

The app is a gathering of information from around the lake that helps build community, in a format that makes it quickly accessible.

We build community by coming together for local events, utilizing each others services, and voluteering together.

How will the app be monetized?

There are no plans to monetize the Lake Stevens app. I've been approached by many people with ideas to make money from it, all of which have the effect of cheapening the purpose of promoting a sense of community.

What's coming next?

The app will be updated with new features every 1-2 weeks

Upcoming features:

  • Lake water temperature

  • Community bulletin board

  • Improved Events calendar with events from organizations and individuals

  • Coupons and discounts from local businesses

  • Lake Stevens History

  • Points of Interest

  • and more..

Questions? Ideas? Please reach out